30+ Fixer Upper Inspired Light Fixtures

Tim Tebow and the Gaines' family brought it home in this amazing, touching and emotional episode where they transformed this house into something so special : a home for the Copp family and their boys with a rare genetic disorder who needed wheelchair accessible areas so they can thrive. We cried, we laughed and our hearts were filled with gratitude while inspired to always give back whenever we can. Thanks to the generosity of Tim Tebow foundation and many locals….

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21 Showstopper Lacquered Front Doors

Lacquer paint gives that very high end, sophisticated and chic look to whatever you choose to paint with it. For me, as a European designer in America, I always love to bring European flare and products into my roster of high quality paints I love to work with and I whole heartedly recommend to my clients.

One of these amazing paint lines that will give your door a high gloss mirrored look are……

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