21 Showstopper Lacquered Front Doors


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Having a lacquered front door not only makes a statement and raises the value of your home but it also makes pass biers stop right in their tracks…which is what we all want, don’t we?

Changing the color of your front door can do many great things to your curb appeal. For this post, I intentionally chose to talk about lacquered entry doors simply because it is a bold decision to make and requires a special kind of bravery and likeness.

Lacquer paint gives that very high end, sophisticated and chic look to whatever you choose to paint with it. For me, as a European designer in America, I always love to bring European flare and products into my roster of high quality paints I love to work with and I whole heartedly recommend to my clients.

One of these amazing paint lines that will give your door a high gloss mirrored look are Fine Paints of Europe, specifically the Hollandlac Brilliant line. They are available for purchase on their website from a large variety of colors they offer.

If you decide to paint your door yourself, make sure you carefully research and read on using this paint line , because it does require a special treatment and it isn’t easy to work with. It requires special brushes, primers and putty before application and the consistency of this paint is very similar to motor oil.

Note: Most professional painters must be certified by Fine Paints of Europe in order to apply this paint to their roster of services, so it is best to have a certified professional paint your door with this amazing paint line.

To find a certified paint professional in your area click HERE.

Without further ado , let’s see these amazing show stopping lacquered entry doors for some great inspiration.

Paint color used: FPE WC-61


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Hollandlac Brilliant Custom Color




Paint color used: Hollandlac Brilliant Custom Color



Paint color used on this beautiful Dutch Door is unknown.

Would look gorgeous with Hollandlack Brilliant Dutch Door Green 3015



Paint color used: Hollandlac Brilliant Custom 



Paint color used: Hollandlac Brilliant Custom Blue




Paint color used: Hollandlac Brilliant FPE Green



I really enjoyed posting these amazing doors for my readers. What did you think of them? Tell me in the comments below and share your thoughts on whether a lacquered front door is something you'd consider for your home?  Or if you already have one, how do you like it?