Sometimes it is very difficult to see through the clutter and imagine how the final design will look like. Digital renderings help our customers visualize their spaces as finished products and most of the times it helps them fall in love with a design that they initially weren’t so sure about or had doubts.

Please note that digital renderings of rooms are not included in the initial e-design package.

Digital Renderings take up additional 2 weeks , on top of our regular e-design package time frame which is 8-10 days. This means if you selected an e-design package and a digital rendering addition, it would take around 3.5-4 weeks for the package to be delivered to you.

If you would like a virtual presentation rendered for your space , you may add it to your package anytime by purchasing this service.

You may also purchase it on it’s own if you only need this service and not the e-design service.

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